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Have I mentioned how much I look forward to the plot of this film?


………..totally the plot.

it did have good plot. ;) very good plot

Everyone keeps asking for a Hawkeye movie.


Guys what do you think the Bourne Legacy is? That’s him before he became Clint Barton and Hawkeye.

makes sense.

but seriously I WANT BUDAPEST

'The Bourne Legacy' clips: Jeremy Renner has a special way with a motorcycle


Here have some Jeremy Renner arm porn from the new Bourne Legacy

The whole movie is going to be 2 + hours of this. THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT OF ME BY THE END OF THE MOVIE! Seriously they will have the scrape me off the ground.


Original poster plus 2 NEW posters for ‘The Bourne Legacy.’ 

I need one of this to put in my new apartment….someday.


The Bourne Legacy Madrid Press Conference [x]

New Bourne Legacy TV Spots

Three of the new TV spots all in one video. Enjoy.